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Advanced Placement Tests: Advantages of Taking AP Exams
Advanced Placement tests are provided in many topics. Students who take AP classes have a chance to get credit for study level courses without having to take them in college. The exams are given in May and cost approximately $90 each. I have been included with AP testing for over 23 years, initially as a teacher and after that as the AP coordinator for my school. I think AP tests are an extraordinary method to get a jump-start on college.
Numerous parents and students are not acquainted with AP classes and the benefits that they offer students. Here are just a few of the advantages of taking Advanced Placement Exams that I've observed throughout the years:
The course is taught at a college level and speed. This gives students a chance to adapt to the rigors of college while still in high school. This sends them to college with a lot more sensible view of the work that is required.
Students can earn college credit for study college courses in a variety of topics. Depending on the school, scoring a 3, 4 or 5 on the exam earns students 1 or 2 semesters worth of college credit.
Students can start college as a 2nd term Freshman or perhaps as a 1st term Sophomore. If going to a private school, beginning as a 2nd term Freshman can save over $20,000 in college expenses. Beginning as a 1st term Sophomore conserves over $40,000. Getting credit for an entire year of college takes preparation and long-range planning but it is a possible objective for determined students. A number of students from my high school have actually done it. In this economy, that's an extraordinary chance!
Students who took AP classes are much most likely to graduate from college. (Only half of students who begin college ever graduate with a degree.).
Students who took AP classes are a lot most likely to graduate from college within 4 years. (It takes most students 41/2 to 5 years to finish.).
Colleges see students who take AP classes and AP exams favorably when making admissions decisions. Even colleges who don't allow AP credits (the service academies for example) anticipate students to take these advance classes.
When it gets close to time to take the exams, some students get cold feet. Seniors often choose they want to have a good time the last couple of weeks of school and decide not to take the exams. This is very short-sighted thinking. Do not let your kid do this! This is quite a time when you have to reinforce with your kid why he took the AP courses in the very first place and examine the benefits of doing well on the exams.